Another demonstration in Prague: „Refugees Welcome“

Foto by M.Stingl

17. 10. 2015

Demonstration today in center of Prague

Hundreds of people ( mostly young) came to the demonstration  titled:

„Refugees Welcome“ – Supporting open Europe and against racism and xenophobia.
These people are against racism and support others in need.

Foto by M.Stingl


مظاهرة اليوم في وسط براغ

وجاءت مئات من الناس (ومعظمهم من الشباب) إلى مظاهرة بعنوان
مرحبا بكم ايها اللاجئون –  لأوروبا المفتوحة وضد العنصرية وكراهية الأجانب
هؤلاء الناس هم ضد العنصرية ويساعدون الآخرين الذين هم في حاجة.


Czech Republic lacks plumbers, drivers. Migrants can replace them.

President of the Economic Chamber of the Czech Republic Vladimir Dlouhy intends to propose creation of a fund to help asylum seekers if their influx into the Czech strengthened. Private companies and the state would contribute to the fund for the purpose of financing education and retraining. Mr Dlouhy said: „Czech Republic lacks workers in some professions. Children are not interested in some vocational subjects. Now, there is a lack of fittings, roofers, plumbers and the locksmiths. Companies have difficulty to find them for manufacturing. Soon, there will be a shortage of drivers even thousands…

Czech source:

The Czech company HAME offers housing and job for Syrian refugees.


Czech food company HAME offers accommodation and work in their factories for about ten Syrian families.

In the future, the numbers could increase, announced this on Monday in a press release. By the company opinion Syrians deserve asylum in the Czech republic.

CEO Hame (Martin Štrupl) said: „We are always interested in people who are willing and able to work well. In addition, we believe that the governments and politicians are not able to solve the current immigration crisis alone – It’s all of us, and private companies can greatly help“

According to the president of the Association of Small and Medium Enterprises (Karel Havlicek) HAME shows that deeds are more important than words.

Statement of Czech senators to the current migration situation

04. 09. 2015
A group of senators across the political spectrum joined the statements of Senators about the current migration situation, which I (= senator Vaclav Laska) initiated and that follows petition called „Challange of the scientists – aganist fear and indifference.“ We want this to respond to the growing activity of extremist groups and moods in society. The following statement should open a substantive debate on refugees and migration.

A statement signed by senators and Senator Vaclav Love, Elizabeth Wagner, Libor Michalek, Ivan Cabrnochová, Jiri Sestak, Jitka Seitlová, Zdenek parrot Hassan Mezian, Frantisek Bublan, George Hlavatý, Miluse Mountain and Eva Syková.

The undersigned senators are also pledged, among other things, promote a more efficient asylum procedure in the Czech Republic, the preparation of a long-term concept of migration policy, supportive approach to EU partners and the promotion of functional European asylum policy.


The National Theatre (Prague) helps refugees

narodni divadloThe National Theatre (in Prague) will launch the new season varied cultural program and primarily – financial and material collection to support the „Organization for Aid to Refugees“

„Tickets“ are pencils, notebooks, notepads, colors, everything you might need kids that go to school for the first time. It will be dedicated to the children of refugees who were given asylum in our country, or children who are still in refugee camps. It is also possible to give financial donations.

Czechs against xenophobes through solidarity. People send money for refugees and provide housing!

Czechs increasingly provide aid for refugees. They are sending them money and they are looking for jobs and flats suitable for refugees.

Some intolerant and xenophobic manifestations are pushing people to totally opposite attitudes – for solidarity towards refugees. Some donate money, some clothing or diapers for children, others offer empty properties for housing or vacant posts. Others are willing to help refugees and their families in difficult situationsin the Czech Republic and abroad in the trouble spots.

One man wrote mail adressed to the Association for Integration and Migration (web ENG/CZ):

 If it was possible I wold be so happy to help any family from Syria. I can offer both accommodation and at least one member of the refugee family“

Not only housing, even diapers are needed: Young mother Katerina Ptackova Prague often corresponds with their friends due to buying of the diapers. Together, they actually help refugee families in need who have no basic toiletries for babies.

„Organization for Aid to Refugees advised that these goods are scarce. So I wrote over social networks to other people with whom we have together contributed to a large purchase. Each of us donated the amount to hundreds of crowns, so for us it was not such a problem, „

Following the example of Charles University other colleges consider it too.

You can read more in the Czech newspapers:

Charles University opens doors to asylum seekers

Charles University in Prague has decided to open up to migrants who are seeking asylum in the Czech Republic. Four of the university’s faculties have offered to provide free tuition and accommodation to refugees who have been granted asylum and residence permits in the country and who have passed the entrance exam.

Jan Konvalinka, Vice rector of research at Charles University “Charles University is aware of the humanitarian tragedy of immigrants seeking asylum in European countries. And in this situation, where a number of political forces are trying to misuse the situation, Charles University wants to show some positive action to help people in need. We are trying to help by what we are best in, which is education.”

Read and listen more about the idea: