Statement of Czech senators to the current migration situation

04. 09. 2015
A group of senators across the political spectrum joined the statements of Senators about the current migration situation, which I (= senator Vaclav Laska) initiated and that follows petition called „Challange of the scientists – aganist fear and indifference.“ We want this to respond to the growing activity of extremist groups and moods in society. The following statement should open a substantive debate on refugees and migration.

A statement signed by senators and Senator Vaclav Love, Elizabeth Wagner, Libor Michalek, Ivan Cabrnochová, Jiri Sestak, Jitka Seitlová, Zdenek parrot Hassan Mezian, Frantisek Bublan, George Hlavatý, Miluse Mountain and Eva Syková.

The undersigned senators are also pledged, among other things, promote a more efficient asylum procedure in the Czech Republic, the preparation of a long-term concept of migration policy, supportive approach to EU partners and the promotion of functional European asylum policy.