Czechs against xenophobes through solidarity. People send money for refugees and provide housing!

Czechs increasingly provide aid for refugees. They are sending them money and they are looking for jobs and flats suitable for refugees.

Some intolerant and xenophobic manifestations are pushing people to totally opposite attitudes – for solidarity towards refugees. Some donate money, some clothing or diapers for children, others offer empty properties for housing or vacant posts. Others are willing to help refugees and their families in difficult situationsin the Czech Republic and abroad in the trouble spots.

One man wrote mail adressed to the Association for Integration and Migration (web ENG/CZ):

 If it was possible I wold be so happy to help any family from Syria. I can offer both accommodation and at least one member of the refugee family“

Not only housing, even diapers are needed: Young mother Katerina Ptackova Prague often corresponds with their friends due to buying of the diapers. Together, they actually help refugee families in need who have no basic toiletries for babies.

„Organization for Aid to Refugees advised that these goods are scarce. So I wrote over social networks to other people with whom we have together contributed to a large purchase. Each of us donated the amount to hundreds of crowns, so for us it was not such a problem, „

Following the example of Charles University other colleges consider it too.

You can read more in the Czech newspapers: